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Magic: The Gathering

03 June 2020
Magic: The Gathering
Wednesday, 03 June 2020
Privacy policy
Draft will be hosted at 8:50 PM EST/UTC-5 / 5:50 PM PST/UTC-8 and you can begin to join at that time if you pre-registered.

In addition to Braacket, you can also pre-register on the event page on our facebook group. Pre-registering either here or on facebook guarantees you a spot for the 10-minute window before the hour, but at 8:50 PM the draft will be open to everyone.

To get up-to-date announcements and communicate with the tournament admin and other players, please join our Discord.

The tournament will be played on the sinap.se server. This is a private server and all you need to do is type "sinap.se" in the "Server Name" box, same port (17171), no registration or password required to connect to the server.

Goodpoints will host the draft if he's available. If he's not available, he will choose another person to host the draft ahead of time. The tournament lobby will open 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. The first 8 players to join will get to play in the official XDHS tournament draft.

In the event that fewer than 8 players are ready to draft at the scheduled time, we will wait a few more minutes for the pod to fill. If we still can't get 8 players, we will add draft bots to get to 8 drafters. There is a minimum of 4 human players to fire the event.

In the event that more than 8 players show up, the first 8 to join the tournament on XMage will play in the "official" tournament. Overflow players are welcome to start their own draft if they so choose. If we get 16 players, we'll have two "official" drafts and the winners from both pods will both get trophies.

Draft settings will be as follows:

• Password-locked table (unique password each time, given to those pre-registered at 8:50 PM and then given to everyone else at 9:00 PM)
• Swiss Tournament Type
• 25 minute rounds
• "Regular" draft pick timing
• 8 minute construction time
• Spectators allowed (though don't bother the players or give strategic advice if you spectate!)
• Rated (within XMage's system)
• Rollbacks DISABLED

Specific rules regarding quitting:

All of us are here to have fun and actually play Magic, and byes on XMage are no fun. Therefore quitting is STRONGLY discouraged. However, I understand that there are emergencies and sometimes you just draft a train wreck and don't feel like playing. With that in mind:

• You can quit/drop after Round 1 has been completed without penalty.
• If you quit/drop before Round 1 has been completed (for example, during the draft, deck construction period, or if you immediately concede Round 1 without playing), you will get a strike.
• If you accumulate 3 strikes, you'll be disallowed from playing in the next 4 XDHS drafts (basically a 1 month period). After which point your strikes will clear.

Specific rules regarding XMage bugs and disconnects:

There is a nonzero percent chance that you may encounter an XMage bug, especially considering we will be utilizing old and obscure cards. In the event that this happens:

• Try to work around the bug if possible. For example, if a land was supposed to enter the battlefield tapped, and it enters untapped, just tap the land and don't use the mana. Or, if a creature was supposed to die, just pretend it doesn't exist (don't attack or block with it, etc).
• If the bug cannot be worked around, first try to rollback the turn and see if it occurs again.
• If the bug still persists, continue on with the game. There's nothing else we can do at that point.
• If your connection drops and you can't reconnect, there's nothing we can do and you'll be dropped from the tournament (you will get credit for completed matches, though you will get a match loss for the current match if you were in the middle of one).
• If the XMage server crashes, we will attempt to restart a new draft from scratch. If it's too late in the tournament for this, we will reschedule for the following day at the normal start time. This is a bit of a grey area, but we'll play it by ear.


For each win you achieve, you will advance higher in our North American League Season 6 rankings. The point leader at the end of Season 6, which goes from April - June 2020, will earn the prize of picking their choice of draft format at the start of the next season!
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