A powerful and simple tool to manage your leagues and tournaments.


Everything is fast and automated: the generation of brackets, rankings or statistics. You have nothing to do, Braacket.com does it for you.

Easy to Use

The simple and intuitive interface of Braacket.com allows a quick start of its various tools. Managing leagues and tournaments has never been easier.

Designed for all devices

Not any app required. The Braacket.com interface has been designed to offer all the features on your mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Ranking Generator
    Elo, Glicko, TrueSkill™ and Points.
  • Statistics for each players
    Get the general performance in tournaments and matches.
  • History
    Display all tournaments and matches played by a player.
  • Head 2 Head
    Generic table and comparison of players statistics.
  • Bracket Generator
    Round-Robin, Single & Double-Elimination, Ladder and Swiss.
  • Multistage Pool
    Qualification stage to Final stage.
  • Seeding
    Manually, Pots system, Generated from league ranking.
  • Registration and Fees management
    Allow players to sign up for your tournaments, accept or reject their request and manage their payment.
  • Score reporting
    Users can report their score.
  • Media
    Add your stream and replay.
  • Import from others APIs
    Get your tournaments from challonge.com & start.gg.