A powerful, simple and free tool to manage your leagues and tournaments.

League manager

Container for your tournaments, ranking generator (Elo, Glicko, TrueSkill, Point), statistics for each players, comparison of players statistics, head to head, history of tournaments, history of matches, tournament seeding based on league ranking, and more.

Tournament manager

Bracket generator (Round-Robin, Single & Double-Elimination, Ladder), multistage pool (group stage to final stage), seeding (manually, imported from league ranking, pots system), registration management (with or without account), media (live & replay), and more.

Import from
Challonge.com & Smash.gg

Import your challonge.com & smash.gg tournaments into a league.
Generate ranking, get players statistics, and access to all the others tools offered by the league manager.


Designed for all devices

Braacket.com is designed to be efficient with all your devices (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile). No app is required, you can manage your league ranking from your mobile or display an elimination bracket in a large screen, all from this website!