Team WP Fledgling Fighters

Street Fighter V

This is an online tournament series for Street Fighter V, hosted by TeamWP.
Fledgling Fighters is for players ranked Ultra Gold and below. Tournaments start at 8:30 PM AEST. That's 10:30 NZ, 8:30 NSW/VIC, 8:00 SA, 7:30 QLD, 7:00 NT, 5:30 WA.

Format is FT2, Double Elimination, with Top 4 being FT3. Low number of entrants may mean the format bus changed to Round Robin FT3.

If your match has a camera icon in the bracket, it means you're playing on stream. You will receive an invite from the stream hosts. If not, play your match through the battle lounge with your opponent when ready.

Please proceed with your matches as soon as you're both ready unless playing on stream.

Just a quick reminder about our rules for entering Fledgling Tournaments:

1. Participants are ranked Rookie - Ultra Gold.

2. Have not ever reached Platinum (or higher) previously including Alts and Demotions.

3. Have not won 3 Fledgling tournaments previously.

4. Smurfing a Fledgling tournament will result in an instant ban from the Discord.

5. Training Room is the recommended stage due to connectivity on CFN.

6. Mid-set character swap is only allowed after losing a game.

7. If the bracket has 16 or more participants, there will be a prize. The winner will be allowed to choose a new discord emote for the channel (subject to admin approval, to last until 12 slots are full and then rotated out in order).

Fledgling Fighters is a fun, entry-level tournament series, created to invite new members to our FGC and an introduction to competitive Street Fighter V.

Let's encourage good sportsmanship with each other and have good games!
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