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I have a tournament I want imported into the league, who can help me with this?

Below are all the admins sorted by region. Please contact an admin responsible for the region your tourney is located in. They can all be reached in the Smash Norge discord.
Bergen: Zplatter, Foran, NintendOrk, Ton
Hamar: JiiChan
Oslo: Kise Seryuu, Anbil, Caasi
Rogaland: MM720, K2DH, Rezruel
Trondheim: Blink, Gardex, Lunar, Devolan
Tromsø: koocay, JohsyJam, Torogami
Vestfold: Lys, Jaiden, September
If none of the admins cover your region, simply post the bracket in #general in the Smash Norge discord and ask if any braacket admins can import it for you

I should be ranked higher! / This ranking isn't accurate!

This ranking combines results from multiple regions with relatively little overlap, so the rankings are never going to be 100% accurate. It can give you a general idea of where you are in the country, but don't value your ranking here too much.
The main purpose of this league is statistics, not making an accurate automated ranking. If you want an accurate ranking, look up the newest Norwegian power rankings for Ultimate.

My problem is not covered in this FAQ

If you have any further questions, please ask in #ultimate in the Smash Norge discord or message Blink#5922 on discord.
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